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The STL allows in particular to reduce energy costs and protect the environment.

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Effective energy management through the STL


  • reduction of the chillers capacity by 30 to 70%,
  • reducing equipment size (cooling towers, ...),
  • increase of the reliability and the performance of an installation,
  • reducing short cycles on chillers,
  • less maintenance,
  • flexibility of the installation,
  • increase of the reliability and the performance of an installation.


  • reduction in CO2, SO2, NOx emissions,
  • reduction in the amount of refrigerant fluids used,
  • electricity power reduction of the cooling production by 30 to 80%,
  • up to 15% energy savings through improved efficiency and better energy management,
  • decrease in the consumption of primary energy in power plants through the transfer of electrical consumption to night hours when the plants have higher yield,
  • reduction in noise pollution.


  • reduce operating costs: maintenance costs and reduced the electrical power with transfer of electrical consumption to off-peak hours,
  • transfer of kWh from peak to off-peak hours,
  • reduction of the electricity power requirement by 30 to 80%.
  • reduced electricity costs

Storing energy: a fast growing need

In a global context marked by a sustained increase of electricity prices and the challenges of reducing our environmental impact, more than ever energy must be saved and controlled.

With the development of renewable energy, low consumption building and positive energy building, energy storage rpresents a real economical and environmental opportunity for companies.