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April 2014

System approach for thermal energy storage dedicated to air conditioning and industrial refrigeration
  • Conference about thermal energy storage, organized by CEREN (Center for Studies and Economic Research on Energy)
  • CRISTOPIA participated in this conference by introducing its thermal energy storage solution for air conditioning and industrial refrigeration. CEREN estimates energy savings up to 16 TWh in refrigeration. CRISTOPIA expertise in engineering, regulation and TES systems monitoring allows both control and savings on energy, operating and maintenance costs

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March 2014

Energy optimization systems on water loop adapted to low energy consumption buildings
  • Workshop on the design and control of heat pumps - storage integrated systems.
  • During this workshop, CRISTOPIA has presented the benefits of the STL solution to improve the building efficiency for heating and cooling. The advantage of this solution is to use the STL storage in decoupling of the heat pump to avoid heat pump short cycling.

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February 2012
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Climalife contact number 3
  • CRISTOPIA has chosen Greenway for its new demonstration system in its building.
  • ...The CIAT Group, through its subsidiary CRISTOPIA Energy Systems, has designed and implemented a show room using a CRISTOPIA thermal energy storage system in its newly refurbished premises in VENCE, in the south of France...

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January 2012
Press article

CVC No. 872 January / February

  • Dole hospital - Reducing power demand.
  • Philippe Bruneau and Fabien Balzana.
...As part of the renovation and expansion of its cooling installations, Dole hospital wanted to have an efficient tool to greatly improve energy management while reducing greenhouse gases emissions...

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July 2011
Press article

French Business Journal
  • Energy. Zoom on CEDRE Osmose and CRISTOPIA.
  • GaĆ«lle Cloarec.
...Positioned on the market of Demand Side Management, its storage solution transfers consumption from peak to off-peak hours and therefore reduce electric power by more than 50%...

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Energy storage news

October 2013


  • Study about the potential of the energy storage

...The purpose of the current study is to estimate the energy storage potential in France by 2030, as long as identifying the most relevant technologies from an economical point of view.

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