picture1 This shopping center reduced its chillers capacity by 50% and decreased its electrical power by more than 50% thanks to the STL thermal energy storage and the Cristo'Control2 monitoring and control system. The Cristo'Control2 controls the free-cooling (dry coolers) and the discharge strategy of the STL in combination with the chillers. read more

STL with photovoltaic panels

CRISTOPIA supply a technical support to Eiffage to operate and optimize the Saint-Nazaire Hospital cooling production.
Association of cooling storage with photovoltaic panels for the Super U Grand Bay supermarket...
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The Mauritius Commercial Ban saves money thanks to the STL

CRISTOPIA complies to the cooling requirements and to the energy savings of the Mauritius Commercial Bank.
CRISTOPIA took part in the PREMIO Smart Grid project to level the electricity consumption while guaranteeing the same user comfort...
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Three REAL green supermarkets

The Real Policolor, Real Timisaora and Real Ploiesti supermarkets have chosen the CRISTOPIA thermal energy storage and monitoring solutions to minimize the energy expenses and for long term savgins.
Reduction by more than 60% the electricity power of the Lamentin hospital in Martinique...
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