picture1 The STL accumulates thermal energy during less expensive periods (off-peak hours). This energy is discharged during peak hours (more expensive periods). It also allows to decrease the electricity power of the cooling production by 30 to 80%. read more

Environmental advantages of storage systems

The use of STL allows to reduce environmental impact of air conditioning and industrial buildings: decrease of Carbon impact and greenhouse gases produced by cooling production using refrigerant fluids... read more

District Cooling System: a crucial role for the environment

District Cooling Systems plays a crucial role in energy preservation and reducing air pollution.
The Harp Brewery has chosen CRISTOPIA to reduce its maintenance and exploitation costs...
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Installation of a STL for the cooling production of the KLCC Petronas towers, thanks to our Malaysian partner

The STL - AC.00 - 3 000 for Petronas twin towers in Malaysia stores 165 MWh.
In the context of its constant development in South Asia, CRISTOPIA technology has benn chosen for the installation of the first thermal energy storage in Sri Lanka (STL - AC.00 - 52)...
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