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Cost reduction of energy consumption and optimization of the equipment sizing for the headquarters of CRISTOPIA in Vence.

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Vence test platform
As part of a research project to test the nodules in different configurations, in collaboration with academic partners, CRISTOPIA has installed an experimental platform within its premises.

This Showroom, controled by a Cristo'Control2, has been set up for customers, integrators, consultants and designers whose cooling demand exceed 500 kW, mainly for air conditioning application.

Operational since June 2011, this installation consists of a Aquaciat heat pump (31 kW cooling capacity), a CRISTOPIA STL - AC.00 - 4 and recovery system on the condenser for domestic hot water.

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It aims to test the nodules in different configurations.

It shows a typical installation with a scaling factor of 10, for customers whose cooling demand is higher than 500 kW.