A team of expert engineers advises you and gives you daily follow-up and support. Through regular monitoring, you can optimize the performance of your system with a STL thermal energy storage.

Premium Service Contract: assistance, monitoring, follow-up and energy report.

CRISTOPIA team is available to advise the maintenance company to use the Cristo'Control2, to adjust the parameters for obtaining the correct operation of the installation after the commissioning.

Beyond this period, the maintenance company or the end user can subscribe to our Premium Contract Service which includes:

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Choose the expertise of our engineers team to support, manage and monitor daily your storage facility.
What you have to know about CRISTOPIA services

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The Premium contract allows to access to the assistance and the remote monitoring by our engineers of your Cristo'Control2 installation:
  • parts warranty,
  • hotline,
  • maintenance,
  • maintenance support,
  • monitoring,...