This software was developed by CRISTOPIA to facilitate the sizing of the STL thermal energy storage system. It calculates the characteristics of the complete system (STL, chillers, exchangers, pumps...). With Stockaid, a feasibility study is rapidly obtained.

Step 1: Project goals
The daily cooling load hour by hour or a rapid estimate of the load using four parameters as the peak demand, start and end of the cooling demand and shape of the cooling load histogram (see sizing request) and the leaving and return temperatures of the distribution side (water or glycol if it is a cooling process) are used to size the STL and the full system.

Step 2: Sizing
CRISTOPIA's team chooses the nodule type and size the STL volume, the chillers and the exchanger capacity and all the characteristics of the system.

The solution and the sizing are optimized based on electricity rates and customer needs (STL strategy, process security, hydraulic schematic...).

Step 3: Tank engineering
A complete selection and design of the STL tanks is carried out by determining the number of tanks, their diameter and dimensions, the tank type, (horizontal, vertical, buried, and pressurized or not, cylindrical or rectangular...), the insulation and the design of the diffusers...

Step 4: Technical specifications
CRISTOPIA provides to consulting engineers and customers all the technical specifications of the storage system and of the entire system with a layout of the hydraulic principle.